Ok, so Thanksgiving was yesterday. Now, unlike most years of my life, I did not have Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I didn’t hang out with extended family, see any friends, or do any “thanksgivingy” things. I mean, I did have a call with a friend of mine that evening but like it was just... Continue Reading →


Sunday Scribbles August 5th

Last Installment: Sunday Scribbles June 24th Hello guys, sorry about last weeks absence, I once again failed to produce a scribble that week and never got around to one on Sunday. This week, though, is different. This week I have scribbled and now I share it with all of you... Could you tell who it was?... Continue Reading →

Hey guys, sorry about this but Sunday Scribbles will have to be delayed till at lease the 29th of July. My shedule has been different than I expected and it just isn’t working out. I will look forward to sharing my next on the 29th if I have something. Just wanted to let you know,... Continue Reading →

Sunday Scribbles June 24th

Last Week: Sunday Scribbles June 17th Hello again one and all, welcome to our weekly excursion into my creativity. This week...a bit of a comical drawing. Explanation first: Just got into our room we're staying in after 17 hours!!! of driving and well I OBVIOUSLY got bored once or twice or a few times and I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Scribbles June 17th

Last Week: Sunday Scribbles June 10th Hey guys, back with this weeks edition of Sunday Scribbles. This week is another single pencil sketch portrait. This week's subject? NF. So quick thing, I just want to say that I chose NF because he is probably my #1 favorite artist. His music is so real and honest and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Scribbles June 10th

Last Week: Sunday Scribbles June 3rd Hey guys, sorry about a lack of content this week but I only have one drawing to share from this week. I did spend a lot of time on it though so I hope you enjoy: MARK HAMILL!!!!! Well 'till next time... Isaac Next Week: Sunday Scribbles June 17th

Sunday Scribbles June 3rd

Last Week: Sunday Scribbles May 27th Hey, guys, this is my second post today (new record)!!! But, yeah, here I am with this week Sunday Scribbles. So...this may be a disappointment compared to last week. Of course if you saw that one you saw a cool portrait and a bunch of drawing tutorial creations. This week...not... Continue Reading →

A Welcome Retreat…Again

Hey guys! So yes, it is Sunday and so you may think when you see the little "New Post..." notification/email that this is my Sunday Scribbles, well, no (that is coming later today). Today I am doing TWO POSTS because I have rewritten A Welcome Retreat. That's right, I have felt dissatisfied with the original version... Continue Reading →

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